On January 2 the New York Times published an interesting op-ed piece by the pride of Dublin and the lead singer of U2, Bono, offering his perspective on the decade ahead . Following a rich tradition that dates back to Woody Guthrie, Bono is making use of the soap box afforded to him by his musical celebrity to inject thought provoking ideas into the vox populi. His editorial covers a variety of subjects ranging from suggestions on how to make American cars sexy again to promoting a mid-east music festival celebrating the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As always, Bono offers and enlightened rock star perspective that reflects his optimism and intellect. The common thread in his view of the coming decade is that music, sports, art and technology will continue to be powerful uplifting forces, that will increasingly be accessed and harnessed by ordinary people to create extraordinary results.

In addition to being one of the great lyricist and singers in rock, Bono is a founding member of One, a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to fighting extreme poverty and preventable disease in Africa and around the world. One: .


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